Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I got another award!!

Hi All!!!

Emily gave me this sweet award!! Now I am giving five people this award!! Here are the honorees:

These ladies really rock!!!!


Heather said...

Oh Wow Tenia,

I am honored I do not have this award so I will gladly accept it I can not believe you choose me as you have so many wonderful people who seem to like your blog as much as I do since I found it, but Thank You so much I am honored!!!

I just saw that you are in Denver I did not notice this before.

I was born and am from Pueblo.

I come home several times a year as my family and oldest and best friend still live there too!!!!

Funny what a small world it is!!!


jdmommy said...

Thank you for this beautiful award!! What a treat, and it's my favorite color too, RED! (Did you do this because of my fav?????)

Jennifer said...

Oh Wow! Thank you Tenia! This is the very first awary I've been given. I am THRILLED! It's so nice to know that somebody out there likes what you're doing on your blog! This is very sweet of you! I really needed a boost today too. I am in Durango helping my sister who is very ill. Thanks so very much!