Monday, September 8, 2008

Two of my cards have been PUBLISHED!!!!!

Sorry I have been so MIA...but Grad School is keeping me busy!! But on a great note, this weekend I just found out that some of my cards have been published!!! One of my cards is on the World Cardmaking Day site

To see my card on this site, You must go to and go under create and then under Inspiration Avenue. Go under the holiday section and click under Holiday Happiness and there you go!!! My next card is in the Take Ten Autumn 2008 Edition. Wow....I have been super excited let me tell you!!! I hope you guys enjoy my cards!! Hope all is well.....



leanne said...

Congrats Tenia! That is so cool to get published. It sounds like you are really busy...but hang in there:)

retiredheather said...

Super! Congrats on your publications. I will go have a look at them. wonderful to visit.